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Conviction, the third book in a space opera featuring a space pirate bounty hunters, is now available from Sun's Golden Ray Publishing


Razia is in trouble. Captured by a fellow pirate, she now finds herself back on probation with a bounty worth zero credits. In the cold reality, she begins to question herself and everything she has been working towards all of her life--and what she's willing to do to reclaim her glory.

Conviction is the third book in the Razia series.

Piracy is a game. What do you stand for?

Save $$ and buy the eBook or the signed paperback direct from the publisher.


Publisher: Sun's Golden Ray Publishing

Panic flooded her entire body as the second handcuff clinked into place.

"Wh-what are you doing?" she gasped, pulling her hands apart. She could only get an inch or two before the metal cut into her.

"I am catching a pirate who's been bothering me for a few weeks," Loeb laughed, his meaty hand landing on her shoulder. "Saw you'd spent a few hours at Eamon's. Pretty damned stupid for you to come after me after you'd been drinkin'."

"Y-you…wh…what?" Razia stammered, her mind too addled from beer and shock to process anything quickly.

He pushed her forward into the street and she finally realized what was happening.

"Hold on a second, you can't capture me?" she exclaimed.

"Oh, did I miss that news bulletin about girl pirates?" Loeb chuckled, his hand coming down on her shoulder again. "You play the game, you gotta lose sometimes."


Lose, she couldn't lose. Losing meant that her bounty would go up in smoke. Losing meant having to hear Dissident be right. Losing meant…

She slunk lower into despair and suddenly found herself uttering words she never thought she'd say.

"How much can I pay you to let me go?"

"C'mon, darling, let's not do this," he tutted "You wanted to run with the boys, didn't you?"

She whined. "It's not about that, it's…I'm different."

"So now you wanna be different?" Loeb chuckled. "You been saying all this time—"

She glared at him and shut her mouth. He wouldn't care how much gruff Dissident was going to give her, or how her entire bounty was funded by one individual currently burning in Plethegon. Everything she had been working for, all of the hard work—it had vaporized right before her eyes.

She was captured.

She. Razia.


She'd never been captured before.

She spotted the bright lights of Eamon's up ahead and turned to look at Loeb with a nervous expression on her face.

"Do you have to walk me by Eamon's?"

"C'mon," he said, pushing her forward with a smile.


Linro Lee was just leaving the bar and spotted her on the street. She glared at him; as if he had the right to sneer at her. She had captured him last year.

He walked up beside her and Loeb, and Razia swallowed and kept her eyes on the ground, needing to keep focus on stoicism before she lost her temper. It would be even more embarrassing for her if she mouthed off in handcuffs.

"You get in those pants yet?" Linro said, reaching for Razia. Loeb knocked his hand away.

"Hands off my bounty." Razia thought she saw Loeb wink at her, but she put her eyes back on the ground. She became briefly aware that if someone like Lee had captured her instead of Loeb, she might be in a very different position. But that thought floated away as soon as more pirates fell out of the bar, hooting and laughing as they spotted her in handcuffs.

"Ooh, baby you look good in handcuffs."

"Yeah, I's saying, it was gonna be soon that someone was gonna get her."

"Looks like the little gnat got swatted!"

Something cold slipped into her stomach. Relleck stood in the front door at Eamon's, a heartless smirk on his face. There was no concern, there was no worry for her safety. Nothing but cold satisfaction at her predicament.

She stared at him for a moment, oscillating between shock and hurt. He raised his eyebrows at her, as if daring her to say something to him. Instead, she closed her open mouth and forced herself to look forward, telling herself that Relleck was just trying to act natural. But somewhere deep inside, she knew that this was probably more truthful than he'd been to her before.

"C'mon," Loeb said, pushing her forward.

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