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Lyssa Peate has everything she thought she ever wanted. She's finally earned the respect of her fellow pirates, she's got a finger on the pulse on her scientist life, and she's got a core set of friends (and more-than-friends) that have her back. But deep down, she knows none of this goodness will last. And when she finds out a life-changing secret, she wonders if this is the end of her good life.

Piracy is a game. How do you win?

Fusion is the fourth and final book in S. Usher Evans' Razia series. Grab the first three books - Double Life, Alliances, and Conviction - and "get sucked" into this fun space opera series.


Save $$ and buy the eBook or the signed paperback direct from the publisher.

Publisher: Sun's Golden Ray Publishing

"Dr. Lyssandra Peate," the doctor said, giving Lyssa a once over. "Showing signs of nausea and weakness. Have you been to any planets recently?"

Lyssa shook her head. "Only D-8…er…no. I've been at the Academy."

The doctor noted her tablet and continued down her checklist. "Any exposure to foreign species or unknown substances?"


"Sexually active?"

Lyssa nearly fell off the table. "What does that have to do with anything?"

The doctor gave her a look, then glanced to Vel before noting her tablet again. "I'm just going to take a quick blood test."

Before Lyssa could react, the doctor, pricked her arm with a small needle and sensory machine. The machine beeped while it was processing, then chirped loudly, displaying a green light.

"I thought so," the doctor said, turning to smile brightly at Lyssa. "Congratulations, you're pregnant."

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