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End of the Year Report

I like to share my End of the Year Report for a few reasons. First, I believe in truth-in-lending. You guys are my stakeholders, and every book you buy, in my opinion, goes toward investing in the business. In the second place, I like sharing my dirty laundry because it’s not unique. I’m doing about as well as most everyone out there (minus the outliers and the 1%ers) and there’s no shame in building your empire brick by brick. This business is difficult to survive in–even if you do everything right.

The figures you’ll see below are the actuals from my ledger. I use a Microsoft SharePoint site (yes, I can build you one too if you’d like to hire me) to track every expense, sale, and free book download. Using a metadata, I can slice and dice my data into logical groups and summaries super easily. I can also see, per book and per series, how much I’ve spent, how much of that I’ve made back, and how many sales across the board I’ve made.

Basically: it’s a data-lover’s wet dream.

ANYWAY, this isn’t an exhaustive look at all my data, as some of the smaller expenses like bank fee credit card fees add up to less than $100. As well, some of the numbers may not add up to the big numbers, because I’ve left out some of these smaller categories. Numbers with asterisk may not be complete for the entire 2016, as I’m still expecting expenses for the end of the year.

Without further ado… here’s the Sush End Of Year Summary:


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