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The Separation and the History of Magic

Being such a student of history, of course Lexie would want to know everything about history as it pertained to magic. Gavon, of course, is…

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Potions and Healing, Oh My!

Lexie’s sisters have two unique brands of magic. Her eldest sister, Nicole, is a potion-maker and her middle sister, Marie, is a healer. Potion-makers are…

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Meet the Characters – Gavon McKinnon

When my mom was reading Spells and Sorcery, she asked me who Gavon McKinnon is based on. In truth, he’s really not based on anyone.…

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Learning Magic

Because of Magical Law, Lexie comes into her powers at fifteen. Because of Aunt Jeanie, Lexie didn’t know magic existed until the night before her…

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Meet the Characters – Lexie Carrigan

Born¬†Alexis “Lexie” Renee Carrigan on October 18th, at the beginning of our story, Lexie’s a pretty straight-laced, nerdy, eager-to-get-into-a-good-college kid from an upper middle class…

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Magical Systems in Spells and Sorcery

One of the nice things about having a book stuck in your head for almost twenty years is that you are able to think through…

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The Chasm Cover Reveal + Preorder + Giveaway!

It seems like just yesterday, we were talking about The Island. Oh wait, we were. Check out all the info, including the gorgeous cover, for Book 2, The Chasm!


The Island Release + Giveaway

The Island Release day is here!¬†If you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t yet seen all the info about it, it’s after the tag, as well as the buy links and such. And in case you missed it last night on #QwSush, The Chasm is now available for preorder! I’ll post more information about that tomorrow, because today is all about The Island!

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Fusion is Released!

Weehah! Welcome the newest addition to the Razia family (all puns intended), Fusion! It’s the last full-length book in the series, and definitely feels like THE END!

Check out all the info below.

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About Kylae

The Kingdom of Kylae is a modern, industrious nation. They have a vibrant arts scene, a posh upper class of society and a thriving middle…

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