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Meet the Characters – Elijah Kader

Today, we’re talking about one of my favorite side characters, Sergeant Elijah Kader. He’s one of those people that started off as a name and a voice, and then turned into one of my favorites in the series. Slight spoilers for The Island and The Chasm. 

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Meet the Characters – Prince Galian Helmuth, MD


Galian Helmuth, prince, doctor, naive optimist, is one of my favorite characters. He’s a perfect foil to the hard and jaded Theo, but at the same time, has some of the best character growth of any that I’ve written. And he’s pretty darn cute, too.

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Meet the Characters – Captain Theo Kallistrate, RAF

Today, I wanted to share a little bit more about my girl-crush, Captain Theo Kallistrate. She’s one of my favorite, most complex characters, and I’m so excited to share how her story ends in The Union. Read about this feisty, patriotic pilot who captures the prince’s heart.

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Meet the Characters – Nicole Carrigan

Every Thursday until #LexieSpells comes out, I thought I’d talk a little more about some of the main characters! Today, more on Lexie’s oldest sister, Nicole. She’s like Lexie’s second mom, and they’ve got a pretty close bond.

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Meet the Characters – Marie Carrigan

Being the pain in the ass that she is, Marie’s the one who ruins the big surprise. She appears in the kitchen as Aunt Jeanie…

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Meet the Characters – Gavon McKinnon

When my mom was reading Spells and Sorcery, she asked me who Gavon McKinnon is based on. In truth, he’s really not based on anyone.…

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Meet the Characters – Lexie Carrigan

Born Alexis “Lexie” Renee Carrigan on October 18th, at the beginning of our story, Lexie’s a pretty straight-laced, nerdy, eager-to-get-into-a-good-college kid from an upper middle class…

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Femininity in Science Fiction

With the Razia series, I had a chance to play with the idea of femininity in science fiction. In Double Life, Lyssa was portrayed as very un-feminine.…

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Lizbeth Carter

I would like to introduce you guys to Lizbeth Carter. She’s the new gal in Alliances, and the other half of the titular subject. Lizbeth is…

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The Peates

Today, I thought I’d provide a little more background on the inspiration and character description for Lyssa’s mutually-hated-family, the Peates. In 2005, I went to…

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