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Celebrating Every Milestone

Last week, I tried a little experiment. I wanted to test out how many eBooks I could sell on a $0.99 promotion week with a…


Alliances Hotwash Part II

Yesterday, I wrote a blog post about the results of nine weeks’ worth of content building up to Alliances. Today, I’m talking about the specific…

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Alliances Hotwash – Part I

Y’all know me and my hotwashes. I decided to write a full-up recap and analysis of the promotional period for Alliances, up until the release…

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Living the Dream

As I’ve been saying for almost a year now, I’m quitting my day job as a consultant and going full-time into writing. I will be…

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Pensacon Hotwash – Take 2

I realized today that the hotwash I posted yesterday wasn’t really a hotwash. It was more a lovely picture-based summary. The hotwashes you crazy kids…

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Working for Myself

Ever since starting Sun’s Golden Ray Publishing, I’ve had a blast working for myself.¬†One of the things I’ve been told almost my entire career is…

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Who I was and Who I am

My parents are downsizing and selling the house I lived in from ages ~12-20 (although I was mostly at college for the last 3 years…



I had a bit of a reversion today in the form of a panic attack. Full-blown, “Oh-my-god-I-can’t-breathe” panic attack. And I could not figure out…

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Sun’s Golden Ray Publishing, LLC

You guys, I’m starting a publishing company. Sun’s Golden Ray Publishing, LLC* *screams* There’s a bunch of reasons for it: separating my personal taxes from…

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